All Inclusive Plans

We take you by the hand in plan "all inclusive" surgical services to Venezuela.
An excellent destination, both in Caracas and in the paradisiacal Island of Margarita, accompanied at all times directly by our dedicated bilingual staff who will guide and assist at all times. Do not feel doubt, ask us ...

"All inclusive" surgical services to Margarita Island packages or Caracas - Venezuela at incredible prices !! Don`t worry at all, just call us and enjoy this incredible experience. We will escort you With experienced guides and two language During the whole duration of your trip.

All types of surgeries and surgical procedures in Venezuela:

Our surgical packages will include:
  • Complete PRE-OPERATORY evaluation - Pre-operative study routine associated with surgery and pre-operative medical consultation.
  • The total expenses associated with SURGERY - Operating room, medical supplies, drugs and medicines, professional fees, nursing service, special equipment, prosthesis and hospitalization.
  • Postoperative Consultations and Controls - Postoperative NURSING ASSISTANCE.
  • Additional services associated with POST OPERATORIO - Manual therapies of lymphatic drainage and ultrasound.
  • Postoperative support clothing - Body girdles, postoperative support, chin rests and elastic bandages.

  • TRANSFERS airport - hotel - airport.
  • Internal transfers (all related to surgery and associated medical services).
  • Bilingual assistance to the traveler and accompaniment.
  • ACCOMMODATION WITH FULL PENSION - Stays between 7 and 15 days.
  • International coverage insurance.
  • ACCOMPANYING (additional charge) and preferential rate from 60 dollars per day.
  • National Air Connections (Caracas - Porlamar - Caracas) included
**NOT INCLUDED TICKETS. In the case of Panama we help you to process it.

Aditional (Optional)
  • Postoperative analgesia pump x 48 hours US $ 150
  • Extra Brace $ 20
  • Additional charge US $ 85
  • Tour Packages.

Packages at incredible prices!!

  • Breast augmentation (implants included) from US $ 1.900
  • Mastopexy or "lifting" breast from US $ 2.200
  • Breast Reduction (without implants) from US $ 2.000
  • (Conventional or laser) Lipoescultura from US $ 1.400
  • Dermolipectomy abdominal or tummy tuck from US $ 1.800
  • SURGICAL Combos from US $ 2.800
  • Bariatric (gastric bypass or sleeve) from US $ 6.000
  • Refractive laser eye surgery for myopia and astigmatism from US $ 1.200
  • Oral surgery for dental implants and prosthetic restoration from US $ 850 per piece placed.
  • Multiple dental treatments of all kinds, tartar removal or cleaning, endodontics and restorations with resins, in the operating room under general anesthesia for young children, special children, autism and psychomotor retardation, as well as for adults with phobias, in all inclusive package for 5 days from the US $ 650
* Prices subject to change depending on the case.


The most complete range of surgical services ... from Panama and Venezuela ... for the rest of the world !!

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