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HEALTH TOURISM ... A business that is bursting with health ...

In recent years, largely as a function of globalization, continuous improvements in the standards of health care, professional medical training and technology acquisition, have allowed the development of public and private health infrastructure in many Latin American countries; All these factors, coupled with the progressive increase in the cost of medical care and services in other countries, has resulted in that most people are seeking medical options abroad, at the expense of what is known today as the health tourism.

Among the countries that promote health tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean are Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, among others; in Central America, according to a study, Costa Rica stands out, followed by Panama and El Salvador, for pursuing attract the US market that is familiar with the canal country, and secondly because of the large community of US residents living in them.

Medical services mostly from abroad incluyem requested cosmetic surgery, ophthalmic and dental dental procedures, among many others. In Venezuela, the supply of relaxation (Spa type), hot springs and medicinal mud therapy, as well as psychiatric services detox drugs of abuse have been important;


The main benefit for users of health tourism is the lower cost that can get quality health services. Sometimes the savings in the cost of health services can vary from 30% to 70% and this is definitely a huge benefit to the person who is traveling by any surgical treatment, even including costs for transportation, lodging and other additional expenses, you can get a big total savings. This issue of cost is very important and even more relevance when considering all those people who are uninsured (which in the US is estimated to be 45-50 million people) or for people whose insurance is limited or not covered Some pre-existing conditions when hiring the same. For these people seek treatment at a lower cost out of their own country is an option that is getting increasingly popular.

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