Understanding the real value in a price sensitive MedTour market

 How much does it cost? 
The question most commonly used by medical tourism patients, which automatically leads into a low price war among medical providers... goes against the proper service you are really requesting. 
So we are totally convinced that your needs should be what comes first. Remeber that we will always save money in any of these emergent markets and that we are not looking out to save pennys. So take a good look at the destinations and goals that you are really interested in:
  • Choose countrys that are closer to you so that your flight tickets are not so expensive
  • Take a few hours to investigate about the quality of the medical services you are needing in that destination - Venezuela has always been a high standard quality medical certified country (Understood as both Europe and USA have recieved for medical practice and research Venezuelan doctors since mid 50´s)
  • Remember!! If you are looking for plastic surgery, you should choose a plastic surgery destination, such as Venezuela, Colombia or Brasil
  • Check out for a really complete and good website
  • Make the contact in English and be sure you will be able to communicate
  • Wait for a quick, solid and continued response 
  • Get references of the site and the medical group
  • Check the social media too... Lots of comments and results can be found on the facebook / Instagram and Twitter accounts
Our site gives you the option to make medical web consultations, so that you will really know what has to be done before travelling. Hey!! You can double check this by making a prior consultation at your country first. 

So... Remember!! You are looking for service, accomodation and a good outcome for your surgery... Not only penny savings!!

Check our prices in "all inclusive" medical toursim packages


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