Health Tourism in Venezuela

Our country meets unmatched features for Health Tourism plans in Venezuela cease to be an excellent choice to become the only option for you... because we look only for the best:
  1. Charm of its varied and unique landscapes, coupled with the warmth of our people and their cultural roots; without a doubt, Venezuela will absorb in beauty and splendor, will delight their palates and know offer the best of world cosmopolitan setting in any of our locations: a. Isla Margarita - The "Pearl of the Caribbean" lovely charmed with its beauty and tranquility. The stay in beautiful and tropical plants overlooking the sea, offering the highest level of medical services in small but well-structured surgical centers, high technical quality criteria, and the personal attention you deserve; b. Caracas - The Capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for those who prefer the citadinas cities and an extensive network of private hospitals under the shade of our majestic "Waraira Repano" or Cerro El Avila. Comfortable hotel rooms (3-5 stars), plus support and continuous support ensure the safety of their stay.
  2. Tourist hotel infrastructure of excellent quality at any of the locations.
  3. Private Hospital infrastructure of highly specialized and technical quality, comparable with that offered in first world countries.
  4. Physicians trained and experienced professionals of the highest quality, specialized and certified. We are leaders in the training of doctors in Latin America.
  5. Services, care, support and warranty can only be offered by...  SERVICIOS MEDIPLAN ...

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