Tour Packages

In Servicios Mediplan not only we think about your surgery, but will additionally offer a wide range of complementary attractions that will make your trip an unforgettable experience.
Sometimes before performing your surgery, and once covered the entire preoperative routine, we will have a full day so that you know much more than Caracas or Margarita Island.
In other cases, due to the urgency of making the sooner the contracted surgery and achieve greater recovery time should be after operated and completed a minimum recovery time, which we plan the realization of one of our spectacular walks.
Important is to understand that Mediplan Services, your safety is the most important, so we can not always offer our additional tourism services only in cases where not at risk your surgery.

Diversity of options and attractions then complement your surgical journey, at affordable prices and with the company and guarantee security only we know offer.

Tours Aditional (Optional)

About our plans all inclusive. 

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