Ávila Tour Caracas

Caracas is located under the Avila, a mountain that reaches 2600 meters (7800 ft.), Where the Humboldt Hotel (currently out of service) and can be reached by cable car. Definitely for tourists, it is the best activity around the city, because of the beautiful view and nice and cool climate.

Learn the fascinating El Ávila National Park (Avila), and enjoy the best view of Caracas, leaving the cable car and enjoying their facilities.

Ávila Tour (Only for Caracas) Half a day, from 12 to 5 p.m. US $ 100 p/p.

  • Teleférico Waraira Repano (Ávila)
Enjoy the view indisputable Caracas provides us the cable car coming from Maripérez to the heights, you go over their caminerias and will enjoy not only the view but also of its climate.
  • Hotel Humboldt
It is located at the top of El Avila mountain in Caracas, Venezuela. It is an icon in Venezuelan architecture. Its construction was carried out between May and November 1956. The hotel was part of the plan to unite Caracas with Litoral through a tourist and recreational complex involving the cable car for transportation. The building is at a height of 2,140 meters above sea level, its architecture is composed circular allows a 360 degree view of a tower. With a height of 59.50 meters, it has 19 floors where 70 rooms spread (currently unused) offered an excellent view of the city. The building was equipped with a dining room, a gazebo and terraced structures where social areas of the hotel were: lounges, room, administrative offices, services and indoor pool. The glass facade was used to help heat the building. Roads in the hotel access to the square that serves as altar to the highest flag in the world was built on a mountain. Alumnio mast is 30 meters high, and was transported by helicopter parts on board. Share this content!

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