Excellency Management Services

Making Excellence an Achievable Standard

Excellency Management Services was established with the aim of eliminating mediocracy within the business environment. Today’s global enterprise forces us to be so competitive that we often create an organizational culture that sets the benchmark for our employees to just “get things done” and meet quotas. Our company thrives on "making excellence an achievable standard". We ensure the highest level of management for a wide array of services within the sectors of tourism, operations and administration management, corporate and customer service training along with event planning and execution. Each aspect of our service is tailored to our client’s individual needs to ensure maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

  • EVENT PLANNING AND EXECUTION: We partner with industry professionals in the meeting and events arena and formed strategic alliances with other service providers in the areas of catering, accommodation, transportation, sound engineering and audio visual entertainment. 
  • IT/NETWORK SUPPORT: Get your intranet and business systems working at optimum efficiency. 
  • MARKETING & STRATEGY: Marketing strategies derive from strategic plans. To understand the relationship between the two, is important
  • TEMPORARY/CONTRACTUAL WORKFORCE: Workers for businesses in need of extra workforce for projects, peak seasons, events and to fill absences when workers are on leave.
  • REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT: Excellency Management Services offers landlords total building management. 
  • OPERATIONS & ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT: Let us observe your current processes and recommend methods of improvement 
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING: We will teach your employees the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction. 
  • WORKSHOPS: Telephone Etiquette Training, Office Transcribing, Correspondence Training
  • PROCUREMENT & LOGISTICS: We can help track down suppliers who share your drive for quality, innovation and sustainability.


#17A Eastern Main Road, Petit Bourg, San Juan, Trinidad.
Email: excellencymanagementservices@gmail.com
Tel: 1-868-341-7496
+44 7979598344

Instagram: @excellency_ig
Facebook: @emstt


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