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Med Tour Package Includes:

✅ All ground transportation services
✅ 3-Star accommodation with 3 meals included (VIP optional accommodation)
✅ 24 Hour caretaker and nurse
✅ Preop consultations and Testings
✅ Surgery with all its associated costs
✅ Postoperative services and additional needs (Brassier, garment, etc.)
✅ Full Medical Report
✅ Bilingual General Assistance (English Spoken Services)

Welcome to Margarita Island

Under the tropical sun, an authentic island with warm salty breeze rises from the waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

Margarita offers relaxed vibes many travelers are looking for. The island with soft white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and also striking natural beauty is tucked away in the quiet corner of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is certainly known throughout the world for its tropical climate, hot and muggy weather all year round. And Isla Margarita is surely no exception. What’s more, Margarita island sits well outside the hurricane belt. For this reason, there is only a small chance of tropical storms.

While many visitors see Margarita Island only as a beach destination, the island with a magnificent landscape has a turbulent period of history. High forested mountains are home to fortresses and forts. They were built by Spaniards to protect their shores from the pirates during the colonial times.

What not to miss on Margarita Island?

Beaches like:

Playa Paraíso Travelers who fancy relaxation should consider visiting Paradise beach, is famous for its calm waters and also white sand. You can find the beach only a short distance from the port terminal.

Playa Parguito is another beautiful beach, not only has plenty of palm trees but also offers majestic. Besides, this is a place where the sea turtles come to lay their egg.

Playa el agua most famous beach on the island, big on beauty, the gold sand beach lined with palm trees, restaurants, and also shops is popular with the locals and visitors alike. The largest Margarita’s beach with the big waves, is also famous for the surf conditions.

Playa el yaque located just 10 minutes from the airport is surely ideal for surfing and kiteboarding. Playa El Yaque beach is perfect also for families because of shallow waters.

Isla de coche a small island located to the south of the Margarita, but it has many activities for everyone. This quiet fishing island is certainly home to some of the best Margarita’s beaches. Moreover, Isla de Coche with blue seas offers many opportunities for snorkelling, diving, and also windsurfing. Those who don’t want to stay overnight can take a day tour to the island and enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

If you need a break from the beaches, consider...

La Asunción the political capital of Margarita, is undoubtedly popular for its fortress. For many years, the Fort of Sant Rosa was a symbol of independence. The fort is also one of the most important historical symbols of the island. The Fort of Santa Rosa is also known as “Castillo de Santa Rosa.”

Basilica Virgen del Valle you can find this pink and white Basilica in the historical capital town of El Valle del Espiritu Santo. A must-see attraction of the island is honouring the Virgen del Valle, who is the patron saint of Venezuela.

Laguna de la Restinga a small national park big on beauty, a long strip of land unites the eastern part of the island with the western Peninsula de Macanao. The mangrove-covered national park with shallow salt lagoon is home to all kinds of habitats, including sea horses, red snappers, cormorants, flamingos, and many other birds.

The visit to the Laguna de la Restinga includes a guided boat tour through mazes of verdant mangrove channels. It is a fabulous way to learn more about endemic species of wildlife and flora. Restinga Lagoon national park is definitely worth a visit when on Isla Margarita.

Punta Arenas want to experience a day in the virgin surroundings? If yes was your answer, then head to Punta Arenas. You can find it in the most western part of the peninsula de Macanao. Enjoy the calm Caribbean waters, desert wilderness, and unravel Punta Arena’s laid back charm. Punta Arenas and La Carmela are famous for its quaint atmosphere and also plenty of cacti. Besides, they both have beautiful white-sand beaches. A 70 km (43 miles) long trip from busy Porlamar is certainly worth it.

Porlamar  the largest and the most well-known city on the island. The city offers a wide selection of shops and restaurants. What's more, Porlamar is home to two city beaches.

Juangriego other well-known city in Margarita, has beautiful beaches, a fortress full of history and the most incredible sunset on the island, so don't miss out!


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